Insurance & Risk Protection

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    Insurance and risk protection services have assumed a more important role, especially of late, for a variety of reasons including increasing life spans and the growing digital world. We help design and implement insurance and risk protection programs to meet our client’s unique needs.

    “Insurance has never been bought, only sold.”

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    Our Strategic Approach

    We work with clients to understand the financial risks that are part of everyday life: things like owning a home, owning a business, or riding a bike to work. From this initial audit, we then find cost-effective insurance policies that reduce or eliminate these threats to your wealth. Unlike many insurance providers, we view insurance as just one asset within your broader wealth management strategy.

    As an independent RIA, objective advice is the centerpiece of our process. This means that the insurance advice you receive will never be driven by sales goals, commissions, or “in-house” solutions. We want to find the right policy to protect your assets and lifestyle.

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    Throughout the year, Telemus provides timely financial planning resources that can help you make better wealth management decisions. Check back here often to find new informational guides covering critical investment and financial planning topics.

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