Our Proven Engagement Process

    At Telemus, everything we do comes down to providing you and your family with “Financial Life Management.” Financial Life Management embodies how your entire life works with your current and future financial resources. When you work with Telemus, you gain access to a proven process that was designed to put your personalized financial goals within reach.

    We use the following process to help our team get up to speed on your financial challenges, goals, and dreams.


    Determine where you are today

    Before we do any planning, we need to understand where you stand today including your financial goals, objectives and risk profile. This suitability assessment also includes an analysis of the assets, liabilities, and cash flow that makes up your financial life. With this information, we then turn our attention to what you’d like life to look like in the future.


    Define your long-term financial goals

    Every client that we meet with has different long-term financial goals, and these goals vary a lot depending on where you are at in life. We use a tool called Genivity to help you visualize how long your retirement might be, and what steps you can take to secure it.


    Develop a long-term
    strategy to reach your goals

    Once we know where you stand and where’d you like to go, we develop creative solutions that can bridge the gap. And we use a tool called Riskalyze to help make sure that your portfolio matches your tolerance for market risk.


    Most important of all, since Telemus is a fiduciary, you can be confident that any strategy we recommend is in the best interest of you and your long-term goals. It’s that simple.


    Implement and manage the plan

    Our primary business is what we call financial life management, an approach that covers everything that is critical to your financial well being: financial planning, estate planning, investment management, insurance and risk management, charitable giving, income tax planning, concierge services, and private banking.


    Review and refine the strategy, and support you along the way

    Financial life management is a process that never ends. Once your plan has been implemented, it’s our job to adjust the plan as your life and goals change. That’s why you can expect frequent calls from us to see how things are going, and if your dreams and priorities have changed.

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