Asset & Liability Management

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    We help clients manage both the asset and liability side of their personal balance sheet. We work with clients to develop asset allocation strategies for the management of their assets through an open architecture investment platform that utilizes outsourced investment managers and our own proprietary solutions. Our investment process, which combines institutional discipline with appropriate levels of customization, is designed to address the key aspects of successful long-term investing. In addition to managing their assets we help clients prudently and tax efficiently manage the liability side of their personal balance sheets.

    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

    Benjamin Franklin

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    Our Strategic Approach

    Today, the investment environment is much different than it ever has been before, and this unique environment requires that investors think outside the box and have the experience to make prudent long-term allocation decisions. At Telemus, we are proud to have an investment team made up of senior professionals who bring true expertise in all core areas of investing.

    Using outside managed teams and internally managed strategies, we develop the most tax-efficient and performance-driven portfolio considering each client's unique needs and tolerance for market risk. In doing so, we are small enough to know what every client needs from their portfolio but large enough to leverage the solutions found at larger firms.

    In all of this, our mission is to help clients make long-term strategic allocations that emphasize their long-term outcomes. At the end of the day, investing is simply a process that should help people reach their long-term goals.

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    Throughout the year, Telemus provides timely financial planning resources that can help you make better wealth management decisions. Check back here often to find new informational guides covering critical investment and financial planning topics.

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