Virtual Family CFO Service

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    Accounting, administrative and information management services are essential to the smooth running of a family with complicated finances and investments as well as keeping its stakeholders well informed. Our virtual family CFO service provides a coordinated, technology enabled approach that meets the complex needs of most individuals and families. With virtual access to your family office platform, roles and responsibilities can be allocated among constituents to enable family members, external advisors and staff members to work in a more strategic and cohesive fashion.

    “The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.”

    Sun Tzu

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    Our Strategic Approach

    Our digital family office platform lets you securely compile and link together all the individual components of your financial life. We’ll help you integrate your personal finances, investments, taxes, legal documents, administration, lifestyle and family governance all in one place.

    Our platform also makes it easy to integrate new users and get them up to speed on your financial picture and goals, helping facilitate transitions from one generation to the next. And with a Telemus Family CFO, all the pieces of your financial puzzle are overseen by a team who understands your financial objectives. You can feel confident that your personal finances are being handled with the care and attention they deserve.

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    Throughout the year, Telemus provides timely financial planning resources that can help you make better wealth management decisions. Check back here often to find new informational guides covering critical investment and financial planning topics.

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