Mary Bakhaus
    Senior Financial Life Advisor

    Mary Bakhaus
    Favorite candy: Peanut M&M's

    Mary has been a member of the Telemus team since the company acquired Beacon Investment Company in 2006. Prior to the acquisition, Mary was a co-founder of Beacon Investment Company and has more than 35 years of financial and investment experience. As a Senior Financial Life Advisor, Mary serves the firm in multiple capacities. She works with high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors to help them define and meet their financial life goals. In addition, she serves as a Senior Portfolio Manager where she is responsible for managing the firm’s taxable and blended fixed income strategy.  She is also a voting member on the firm’s investment committee.


    An alumna of Wayne State University, Mary is an accomplished equestrian and loves to travel with her husband. She is also a member of the Investment and Finance Committee of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.

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